HistoryOwner/Business History

Our original goal for Flying Tiger was simple: we believed there was an opportunity in the world of motorsport to get closer to our customers and to help them to satisfy the needs of their target audience, the car buying public. Over the years, we have fine-tuned that strategy, and today we see the increasing relevance of this mission.

"1999 International Conference Series Champion"
with AC. Schnitzer McLaren F1 GTR

The intense pressure on the global automotive industry, fuelled by over capacity, has led to increasing consolidation and turbulent market conditions. Through all of this, the power of the consumer is rising, generating demand for more creative options, greater functionality, higher performance, improved service and better value.

To capitalise on these trends, Flying Tiger has taken two significant steps. Firstly, we have made an important commitment to the expansion of our Automotive Technology division, and linked to this, a very specific decision to build a global network.

Automotive Technology, the supply of outsourced engineering services to vehicle manufacturers and tier one suppliers, is a fast expanding sector.

In order to meet consumer demand for ever-increasing individualisation and faster time to market, efficiencies of cost and time are critical to vehicle manufacturers. At the same time, consolidation means that these manufacturers are seeking solutions on a global scale, and only those companies which can provide worldwide resources, will satisfy their demands.

In parallel, we see increasing relevance for our original motorsport focus. Flying Tiger's motorsport heritage has been built around rallying and circuit racing using production-based cars, driven by our desire to work with vehicle manufacturers on motorsport programmes that have a direct link to consumer brand impact.

Our experience with Mercedes-Benz over the last 7 years has demonstrated that motorsport can have a pivotal effect, not just on brand awareness and the profile of specific models, but indeed on the entire corporate culture of an organisation. Mercedes-Benz is now one of the most sought after brands in the world. Through its new allegiance with Chrysler and long term commitment to Touring Car Championship, it is set to become an even greater force around the world.

The link between our Automotive Technology and Motorsport divisions is fundamental. Manufacturers need to inject more excitement, innovation and inspiration into their products if they are to differentiate themselves successfully from the competition. The two interdependent divisions of Flying Tiger deliver this combination of technology and marketing expertise.

In addition to our fundamental belief in this business philosophy, we have also established a distinctive culture that has been created and refined by the need for exacting standards and sophisticated processes. It is not just our exceptional combination of skills, our world class facilities and our impressive track record, but our unique approach that will make Flying Tiger the partner of choice for the world's leading vehicle manufacturers.

Driver Profile

2004SCCBC spokes person, constructed an 8000 sq. ft. vehicle centre, appointed by Mercedes Car Club as AMG consultant
2003SCCBC spokes person, acquired 44,000 sq. ft. land in Richmond, BC
2002building/testing of C-Coupe Competition
2001building/developing of CLK GT3
2000Speedvision and ICSCC series competitor
1999ICSCC series champion (Winning 4 of 9 races, on podium three other times), Molson Indy Vancouver Invitation competitor

1998ICSCC series competitor, Molson Indy Vancouver Invitation competitor
1997B.C. Rally Series champion in class.

1996B.C. Rally Series champion in class.
  • Won the third place in class at Thunderbird Rally as a rookie on February 4-5
  • Instructor of Volkswagen North America Advanced Driving Course at Toronto, Vancouver, on February 25-26, March 4-5, April 8-9 and May 5-6.
  • Entered All Club Sprint Race at Mission, B.C. on April 14.
  • Participated in Spring Sprint Time Trial at Mission, B.C., with result of under 59 seconds.
  • EstablishedFlying Tiger Development.
  • Partook in the International Conference Race at Mission on July 8-9 and August 5-6.
  • Entered IndyCar Vancouver with a Mercedes Benz on September 1-2, winning extensive media coverage and public appreciation of both the team's outstanding performance and the race car's professional outfit.
  • Entered International Conference Race at Mission on September 23-24.
  • Organized Advanced Driving Course in Vancouver.

1992 - 94
  • Invited as an instructor to numerous private driving lessons.
  • Spokesman for widely known auto clubs, e.g. Toronto Chinese Motor Club (TCMC).
  • Commentator for Toronto Multicultural Radio & TV.
  • Hired as BMW Racing Team's test driver.
  • Established an Automobile Tuning Company.
  • Assisted in preparing major race cars, e.g. Ferrari and Porsche, for private races.
  • Firehawk Endurance Competitor, competing a total of eight races all across eastern North-America.
  • Shared ride with Volkswagen Racing Team as a hired driver.
  • A year rich in racing experiences, particularly of long time driving on the race track. Driving time ranged from 3 hours to 24 hours.
  • Canadian Solo 1 champion producing numerous FTD's.
  • Runner up of the Ontario Road Racing Championship.
1987 - 88
  • Solo 1 Sprint Race Competitor.
  • Solo 2 Slalom Competitor.
1986Entered Honda/Michelin Competition.
  • Ontario Region Competitor, using a Toyota Celica.
  • Obtained enormous experience of racing, race car preparation, and organizing race teams for series competitions.
  • Immersed in the technical training in Germany every year since 1985. The training focus on modifications of engines, eletronics and race car set-up.
    Invaluable experience also from driving at unlimited speed in Germany's well-known Autobahns.

    Eddy with team AMG at Affalterbach, Germany
1984F-2000 competitor racing at Shannonville and Mosport, Ontario.
  • F-1600 competitor in Ontario and Quebec, Canada.
  • Entered Spenard-David Driving School, and intensive race car training institution, where Eddy enjoyed the benefits of having Richard Spenard as his instructor and came to know well-known world class road racers, such as Paul Tracy, Scott Goodyear, etc..
1982Started his car racing life by entering Jim Russell Racing School and obtaining the basic racing license. Solo 2 Slalom Racing was Eddy's first race.
1978Own his very first car.
1975Talents lent him early and thorough understanding of car functions & engines, and complete mastering of car repairs.
1971Taste of speed with Go-Kart Races.